The Gator Guard
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The Gator Guard

Get rid of geese, ducks, cormorants, egrets and herons with the gator guard floating alligator head.

Environmentally friendly, universal goose repelling solution.

Perfect for any water area infested by birds - fish and shrimp farms, golf courses or park districts, ponds and pools, condominiums, school or industrial park lakes, koi ponds and more.

Realistic, unassuming and permanant

Life-sized floating replica of an alligator head, 25 threatening inches long, repel geese, ducks, fish-eating birds and small animals from the water areas they love, without spoiling the look of your property.

It works because it moves

Stationary owls don't work. But Gator Guard moves and bounces all around the pond with the wind and water - plus, the mirrored-back eyes flash in the sun. The birds think they're being followed, so they can't acclimate to a fixed pattern.

Real Florida Everglades gator compared to The Gator Guard

"Last year we had 30 geese leaving their calling cards...We floated a Gator Guard...After three weeks we had no fowl on our property."

Bruce A., Lebanon, MD

"My members thought it was a joke to start with, but it does work. We haven't had a goose on the property since we put them in."

Rob F.Shelby, Oaks Golf Course, Sidney