Yard Gard Ultrasonic Repeller - Raccoon Control

Yard Gard Ultrasonic Repeller - Raccoon Control
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Quickly Get Rid of Raccoons, Guaranteed!

The Raccoon Repeller Pro uses ultrasonic sound waves to create a high-pressure sound environment that Raccoons stay away from. Simply set the dial on the raccoon setting and turn the unit on. The ultrasonic sound environment is intolerable to raccoons since they cannot adapt to the constantly changing array of ultrasonic waves.

Set the Raccoon Repeller Pro to run continuously in "always on" mode, or use the motion sensor feature so that the repeller only comes on when triggered by motion.

The Raccoon Repeller Pro is humane yet effective and ideal for yards, gardens, porches, buildings and greenhouses. Each device covers up to 4,000 square feet of coverage (oval pattern, 80 feet out from unit and 50 feet wide). This unit is designed for outdoor use and has a waterproof casing.

Set up is easy

Point the unit so that its coverage area is protecting the space you're trying to keep Raccoons away from. Plug the Raccoon Repeller Pro into any standard 110 electrical outlet, or insert 4 "C" batteries (unit can only be run on motion-sensing mode when running on batteries). The included cord will give you about 30 feet of range from the electrical outlet.

Get Results Right Away

Our customers have experienced great results with this unit. Try it for yourself risk free. Discover the safer, easier way to handle your raccoon problem for good, without having to use traps, chemicals or animal control services. If you're unsatisifed with the results you achieve with the Raccoon Repeller Pro, simply return the device and your money will be cheerfully refunded.


  • Built-in motion sensor activates when animal moves into coverage zone (approx 35 ft.)
  • Can be set to "always on" status and bypass motion sensor (only when plugged into 110 outlet)
  • 30 ft extension cord plugs into standard 110vAC outlet
  • Also uses 4 "C" batteries for use in areas where there is no 110vAC power
  • Unit switches to battery power when there is a power failure
  • Rugged ABS plastic design
  • Easy to use control settings
  • Waterproof: Includes plastic rain cover with mounting tab
  • Environmentally safe
  • Maintenance-free
  • Laboratory tested
  • Six month manufacturer warranty

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.75" x 5.25" x 3.5"
  • Coverage: 4000 Square Feet
  • Motion sensor range: 35 x 70 feet
  • Frequency range: 15,000 - 25,000 Hz
  • Sound Pressure: 90dB @ 3 ft
  • UL/CUL, CE EPA listed


Short and to the point: Yard Gard works! For years, we've had a problem with raccoons getting into our garbage. In fact, one time I had a Rubbermaid garbage can with a snap lid and a bungee cord holding the lid on. The next morning I woke to see that the can was toppled over and the garbage pulled out. I put the Yard Gard on the steps next to the garbage can and nothing has disturbed our garbage since. In fact, I decided to really test it and I left a can, without a lid, and some tempting food scraps sitting right on top. Nothing got into it! I love
this thing!

–Laulin from MI

For 20 years, I bought all kinds of squirrel and raccoon repellers. They had been destroying the bird feeders I regularly hung in my yard. In desperation, I bought the Yard Gard, concerned that if I cut down the raccoon visits I might lose the birds in the process. Yard Gard has done the trick - more than we ever dreamed possible!  I am only sorry I didn't discover this about 20 feeders ago!

–Linda from St. Paul, MN