Super Bird Xpeller Pro

Super Bird Xpeller Pro
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Super BirdXPeller PRO sonic bird repeller drives pest birds away.

Programmable species-specific sonic bird repeller. The new sonic bird repeller from Bird-X uses birds' own distress calls to create a "danger zone". It scares bird pests away for good and covers up to 6 acres (2.4 hectares)! Predator cries help scare all the birds.

Uses actual distress cries! Choose any or all of 8 sounds, including predators to give the birds even more of a sense of danger. Then customize by choosing volume and silent time between sounds.

Two Super BirdXPeller PRO models for your needs:

SBXP-PRO 1 for pigeons, starlings, sparrows, gulls and woodpeckers.

SBXP-PRO 2 for crows, blackbirds, grackles, cormorants and ravens.

Easy Operation - Use with standard 110vAC electricity (adapter included) or purchase a 12vDC deep cycle marine type battery instead. A solar power panel is available for use with a battery.

Heavy-duty - control box, with controls, plus four powerful directional speakers. Also included: AC adaptor, DC battery cables, and complete instructions.

Coverage - Up to 6 acres (2.4 hectares) at full volume.

Harmless - Super BirdXPeller PRO sonic bird repeller uses natural sounds to chase away the birds, but it doesn't harm them.