Goose Chase Goose Repellent Spray

Goose Chase Goose Repellent Spray
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How It Works

Goose Chase ® is designed to utilizes geese's natural distaste for Methyl Anthranilate, which is made from a constituent of concord grapes. The liquid is simply sprayed on the ground. When geese attempt to feed from the area, they are met with an extremely foul, bitter taste. This simple solution keeps geese from feeding and they gradually leave the area for lack of edible food.

Food-grade Methyl Anthranilate has been used for decades to flavor candy, gum, sodas and drugs for humans, so you can rest assured that this solution is safe for both humans and animals.


* Natural : Uses geese's natural distaste for concord grape constituents
* Safe: FDA approved, chemical-free, safe for humans and animals
* Inexpensive: Costs $ 0.003 per sq. ft. of coverage
* Wide Coverage: One gallon covers 32,000 sq. ft
* Reduced Risk: Developed with major university and USDA assistance EPA classified as a "reduced risk"

What Will it Repel?

* Geese
* Ducks
* Waterfowl
* Related Species

Where Can It Be Used?

* Outdoors
* Infrastructure & Transportation
* Parks, Golf Courses
* Airfields, Runways
* Farms & Barns
* Sheds & Storage
* Car & Parking Lots
* Aparments and Condos
* Homes
* Any large outdoor area with goose infestation

NOTE: This product works extremely well when combined with the 3D Coyote.